Final thoughts on Call of Cthulhu

Its finished and yes, the start was slow but it picked up and what followed was great.

At some points I wished you had more to do or investigate but overall Im happy about it. The main thing I dislike is the length vs the price. It took me 10 hours to complete and even though Im a fan of Lovecrafts work and mythos I cant justify it being that short.

Gameplay is fine, but very linear you always en up in the same place and the objective never change. In other gameplays of it I have seen different ways to go about to slove it but its still very linear.

The atmosphear and music is very nice but as I said above, I wish there was more.

There are a few differente endings, I chose to preform the ritual and things went as expected so Im happy about that specific ending but thats all in individual prefreance.