Game Of Thrones – a commentary

My thoughts as I watch the first episode of the last season of Game Of Thrones. This is your spoiler warning!

Intro; Wow so much detail so see the inside of the buildings!

This is like season 1 all over again.

Arya lets her guard down when she sees Jon, the Hound and Gendry

Tyrion I love you.

Thank you Bran for calling out the bullshit. Titels can be sorted AFTER.

Ive been waiting for Arya and Jons reunion!

Needle, have you ever used it? HA!

What is Cersei planning? I got about… 3 theories about whats going on in her head, and 5 outcomes from them. I might need to make a spreadsheet for them.

Hahahaaa, Theon gets headbutted for saving Yara XD she is a badass.

Yea… “what is dead my never die” is a valid saying. Gonna be interesting to see how they go about that undead army.


You tell them all Jon, titles dont matter right now.

Bless your heart Sam XD. Oh, oh dearie.

I know its taboo but in this fantasy world they really should just get married and be happy for the peace it would bring. At the very least rule togheter.

Cant wait for the next episode!



EDIT: After watching the whole thing… Oh dear. Its a mess. I would be happy how it turned out (exept maybe the Bran-thing) IF IT WAS 2 SEASONS! Its so rushed! The first 3 episodes needed to be 10 and the last 3 episodes needed to be 10.