7 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Agatha Christie meets Groundhog day with a slight scifi/fantasy twist.

Debut novel by Stuart Turton and what a way to start! This is so creative and wonderful.

Now I could give you a description of the plot but this one is best to go in blind based on what I wrote above.

Minor spoiler

I love how Bell’s insight on “Ill be who I choose” is reflecting in the end with Aiden and Anna. He choose a new path.

Spoiler end


Fantasy from Brandon Sanderson and its really good.

The world the characters the magic…. Wonderful! I just have 2 minor issues.
1. The classic;
P1 “Im a nobody” P2 “No! You are special!” P1 “Really?” P2 “Wow such power! This is how it works…”
But I guess its how we as reader will get the info the smoothest/quickest way.
2. The constant use of the word Frowned. I swear if I took a shot every time while reading I would be dunk as a skunk.

This is a trilogy and the first book is my overall fav but can we talk about the ending in the last book? Oh no, spoilers…

What I can say is that the ending is EPIC. But, it took so very long to get there. Second book also suffered from the middle part being really slow. First book feels so different from the other 2 in the series.

First one is a solid 5 stars rating second is 3 stars for me. Most of the last book is 3 stars. Then the end begins and its 5 stars, therefore I pick 4 for the book as a whole.

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