ABC’s of Guild Wars 2

Me and my friend Sejl have made a video for a contest hosted by Wooden Potatoes to raise some buzz for Guild Wars 2. Our entry can be found on Sejl´s youtubecannel  or below. Check it out!

We came up with the theme togheter, I did a lot of voice and helped filming. Sejl gets all cerdit for editing the whole thing. If you want more info on the contest visit Wooden Potatoes website.

Too much too little!

I have started to read 3 books and cant decide on wich I want to continue on.  Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson, Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I love them all!

Then we have games… My big love is Guild Wars 2 but recent development have left a sour taste. So, Im currently in a limbo-state. Ive played some Secret Worlds Legends, some Blade and soul and som signle player games but have not find something to really occupy my time with. My friend had a spare copy of Resident Evil 6 so gonna try that.

And yes, we know its broken and stuff but hey, laughing at a game being bad is better than sitting being bored right?

Fever series

Lets just put it out there. Everybody have something they dont really want to admit they like. I know this series have its faults but damn I just cant stop reading. To justify it though, if you have an open mind the character growth of Mac and Dani (others too) is really good. The latest installment is Feversong. Number 9 in the fever series.

For the record, I have no problem with the Danifocused books. I like her. There. Ive said it. Anyhow, I hear the next few books will have more of a Dani/Ryodan focus instead of Mac/Barrons. Im so ok with that. Ryodan is probably one of my favorite characters of all time. I dont even need to read his train of thought I get him.

In the first books I wanted to strangle Mac. Naive little barbiedoll. But by the last book she have dealt with death, evil, passion, rape and true power. Her perspective on life and love have shifted and she is someone I like. Still it have its thropes and problems yes I admit it but hey, lets focus about some positives here ok? What I like looking back is the fact that Mac is not this superhero that just excels at everything (hello Vin from Mistborn among MANY others). She screwes up and more importantly want to deal with it.

This series is sexy, funny, lorefilled, interesting and most of all entertaining. And my guilty pleasure no 1.


I have found a new game that is pretty great. Steam have their Halloweensale and I picked up Oxenfree. Developed and published by Night School Studio.

Its an atmospheric supernatural thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift on an island. You play Alex and get to decide how to interact with the others. Just dont be too slow, the choises on what to say can sometimes disappear quickly.

The graphic style is very nice and it have multiple endings. I havent finished it yet but I really like it.

The Remnant Chronicles

So. The trilogy have ended and even though it was good I dont have a bookhangover from it. You know that feeling of I-cant-start-another-book-cause-I-still-live-in-the-old. It is nice to not have it but tht made me think, that the series it not as good as well many many others. Dont get me wrong here, I still liked it quite a lot.

Kiss of deception – 3 stars

The heart of betrayal – 4 stars

The beauty of darkness – 4 stars.

But the 4 stars are weak. Still good though.


The character growth Lia goes through is great but expected. Im not liking Rafe but understand his duty to his country. Kaden is great, but dont like him with Pauline. The side characters are fun and the story is good. I wish we saw more of the Komizar in the last book.

Reading slump

Soooo, got in to a reading slump and then… Guild Wars 2 released its second expansion Path of Fire. Wow what an expansion! Arenanet really upped their game. Lets have a look at some screenshots Ive taken (SPOILERWARNING)

So happy when I got my bunny!

Can we talk about how amazing the scenery is?

Can we have this library as our Guild Hall? Pretty please?

Lair of Zommoros! This is where all legendary weapons live!

Is there something behind me?

Claimed our new Guild Hall, Windswept Haven! Smaller than the other 2 but sooooo beautiful!


Do you play online games? Have you tried Guild Wars 2?

Neuromancer – update

I want to start by saying I totally get why so many loves this book. Just to imagine reading this one when it was first published in the early 80´s must have been pretty cool. To read this today feels a mit more meh than what it would have been back then. Also, as I dont usually read scifi this might have been a bit too much to start with. I liked the story and the overall feel of the book, but to be expectec to get it all right from the getgo was a bit too much. Maybe I would appreciate it more if Ive read more similar books. Also some stuff felt a bit… repetative. Im not sure on continue on with the series. Dont get me wrong here, it was not in my opinion bad, more good than bad for sure. Overall it lands smack in the middle.
I am happy to have read it since William Gibson was a pioneer about cyberspace and other things we can find in this book.


The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson was something I normally dont like, but it was pretty good and I have a feeling its gonna get better with second and third book.

I did reread The Call of Cthulhu by H.P Lovecraft too, since it was a long time since I read it (highscool) and also, I need to prepare for the game comming this fall!

Now Im about a third in to The lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch and the hype was right! Its amazing so far!

New books

Got 2 new books. Halfway through Kiss of deception and kinda like it. Easy light read so far with a fun twist. Not at all what I usually read.

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