Too much too little!

I have started to read 3 books and cant decide on wich I want to continue on.  Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson, Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I love them all!

Then we have games… My big love is Guild Wars 2 but recent development have left a sour taste. So, Im currently in a limbo-state. Ive played some Secret Worlds Legends, some Blade and soul and som signle player games but have not find something to really occupy my time with. My friend had a spare copy of Resident Evil 6 so gonna try that.

And yes, we know its broken and stuff but hey, laughing at a game being bad is better than sitting being bored right?

Fever series

Lets just put it out there. Everybody have something they dont really want to admit they like. I know this series have its faults but damn I just cant stop reading. To justify it though, if you have an open mind the character growth of Mac and Dani (others too) is really good. The latest installment is Feversong. Number 9 in the fever series.

For the record, I have no problem with the Danifocused books. I like her. There. Ive said it. Anyhow, I hear the next few books will have more of a Dani/Ryodan focus instead of Mac/Barrons. Im so ok with that. Ryodan is probably one of my favorite characters of all time. I dont even need to read his train of thought I get him.

In the first books I wanted to strangle Mac. Naive little barbiedoll. But by the last book she have dealt with death, evil, passion, rape and true power. Her perspective on life and love have shifted and she is someone I like. Still it have its thropes and problems yes I admit it but hey, lets focus about some positives here ok? What I like looking back is the fact that Mac is not this superhero that just excels at everything (hello Vin from Mistborn among MANY others). She screwes up and more importantly want to deal with it.

This series is sexy, funny, lorefilled, interesting and most of all entertaining. And my guilty pleasure no 1.

The Remnant Chronicles

So. The trilogy have ended and even though it was good I dont have a bookhangover from it. You know that feeling of I-cant-start-another-book-cause-I-still-live-in-the-old. It is nice to not have it but tht made me think, that the series it not as good as well many many others. Dont get me wrong here, I still liked it quite a lot.

Kiss of deception – 3 stars

The heart of betrayal – 4 stars

The beauty of darkness – 4 stars.

But the 4 stars are weak. Still good though.


The character growth Lia goes through is great but expected. Im not liking Rafe but understand his duty to his country. Kaden is great, but dont like him with Pauline. The side characters are fun and the story is good. I wish we saw more of the Komizar in the last book.

Neuromancer – update

I want to start by saying I totally get why so many loves this book. Just to imagine reading this one when it was first published in the early 80´s must have been pretty cool. To read this today feels a mit more meh than what it would have been back then. Also, as I dont usually read scifi this might have been a bit too much to start with. I liked the story and the overall feel of the book, but to be expectec to get it all right from the getgo was a bit too much. Maybe I would appreciate it more if Ive read more similar books. Also some stuff felt a bit… repetative. Im not sure on continue on with the series. Dont get me wrong here, it was not in my opinion bad, more good than bad for sure. Overall it lands smack in the middle.
I am happy to have read it since William Gibson was a pioneer about cyberspace and other things we can find in this book.


The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson was something I normally dont like, but it was pretty good and I have a feeling its gonna get better with second and third book.

I did reread The Call of Cthulhu by H.P Lovecraft too, since it was a long time since I read it (highscool) and also, I need to prepare for the game comming this fall!

Now Im about a third in to The lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch and the hype was right! Its amazing so far!

New books

Got 2 new books. Halfway through Kiss of deception and kinda like it. Easy light read so far with a fun twist. Not at all what I usually read.


Just read the first trilogy in the Mistborn series. Here are some thoughts.
Book 1; This is amazing. The world the characters the magic…. Wonderful! I just have 2 minor issues.
1. The classic;
P1 ”Im a nobody” P2 ”No! You are special!” P1 ”ReallY?” P2 ”Wow such power! This is how it works…”
But I guess its how we as reader will get the info the smoothest/quickest way.
2. The constant use of the word ”frowned”. I swear if I took a shot every time while reading I would be dunk as a skunk.

Besides that, its a must read! 5 stars.

Book 2; We step away from the ”Oceans 11” style and go to more in depth of the stuggles of a new emipre with new autority figures and rules. It dragged on a bit. Weakest in the series. On the + side a slightly less frequent use of the word ”frowned” but still too much. 3 stars.

Book 3; Ok. That ending is EPIC. But, it took soooooo long to get there. Second book also suffered from the middle part being really slow. First book feels so differente from the other 2 in the series.
Most of this book is ony 2,5-3 stars. Then the end begins and its 5 stars, therefore I pick 4 for the book as a whole.

30 day book challenge

This one gonna be in english. Early this year I did the 30 day bookchallenge on instagram, was thinking to do a recap here.

Day 1 Best book I read last year. A gathering of shadows by V. E Schwab
Day 2 A book I have read more than 3 times. Harry Potter!
Day 3 Favorite series. This is soooo hard! I have many, but a great one is All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness
Day 4 Favorite book from your favorite series. Well since I picked All Souls trilogy yesterday I will say Shadow of Night. Book 2 because Im obsessed with the tudor era.
Day 5 A book that makes me happy. Alice in wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Day 6 A book that makes me sad. I have not read a lot of book that makes me sad but of all the deaths Dobby stuck with me so Im gonna have to say this because of Dobby. And Fred…. And Snape a bit too….
Day 7 A book that makes me laugh. The wonderful hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy!
Day 8 Most overrated book for me is Clockwork prince by Cassandra Clare. I love her other books, the mortal instruments but just cant with infernal devices…
Day 9 A book I thought I would not like but did, repost from last week The kind worth killing by Peter Swanson. This one got me motivated to try more thrillers.
Day 10 A book that reminds me of home. Well I dont really have any. But since I read a lot of Anne Rice in my teens I will have to go with her books.
Day 11 A book I hated. Gonna change this from insta, read The bronze horseman since then probably the worst crap I ever read and ever will read. Could not even finish it.
Day 12 A book I love and hate at the same time. I love the book but hate the main character until she becomes Mac 2.0. Really like the other books in the series.
Day 13 Favorite author. There are so many! I gotta say Anne Rice. Ive read so many of her books!
Day 14 A book turned movie and completely desecrated. We meet again Harry Potter… Take your pick of the movies….. They are all awful. Bonus answer: Queen of the damned……
Day 15 Favorite male character. Here is 3 I really enjoy for very differente reasons.

Day 16 Favorite female character. Went with these.
Day 17 Favorite quote from fav book. I remember the first time I read Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy and became obsessed with just about every little silly thing in it.

Day 18 Now before we call me crazy hear me out… A book that disappointed me is this one. But not because of the story, wich is amazing and wonderful, but of the writingstyle. I cant get into it at all. So Im disappointed for that and for not being able to read a story I want to love.
Day 19 Favorite book turned into a movie. I decide series count too. Now this apply only for the first book and first season. I again sadly have a problem with the writingstyle and looooong descriptions but I feel the story is well captured in the first season before they went off book.
Day 20 Favorite romance. Romance is someting I read very little of. The only pure romance I can think of is this.
Day 21 First book I remember reading. Besides some short childrens stories its probably Goosebumps or Kalla Kårar in swedish.
Day 22 A book that makes me cry. I dont like sad books. Never really cried over a book.
Day 23 A book I wanted to read a long time but havent… Sitting in the shamecorner right now…. Dracula by Bram Stoker
Day 24 A book I wish more people read. A shoutout to one of the very few swedish writers I love! Chaiprinia med döden av Maria Ernestam.
Day 25 Character you identify with the most. This is the hardest one in the challenge. (see picture above for 15 and 16) For a character to grow they need to make mistakes and choices I really dont agree with. But how Roydan think and how Paige act at the end of book 2 is a lot what I would do and think.
Day 26 A book that changed your opinion about someting. I read this one first time when I was really young and I took a lot with me from it. Just because you or your culture sees things in one way does not mean everybody does.
Day 27 Most suprising twist or ending. Anything by Agatha Christie. I usually figure stuff out before the ending but not hers and specially not theese 2.

Day 28 Favorite title of a book. Can it be better than this? Darker shade of magic by V. E Schwab. Also very accurate of the content.
Day 29 A book everybody hated but I liked. Most people I talked to did not like this one. Also most if not all booktubers I follow dont like it at all. BONUS: Book everybody loves and I hate, A monster calls…
Day 30 Last day! Best book ever. I cant pick one… Here is a few!

BONUS; Currently reading; Alloy of law bt Brandon Sanderson and Lord of shadows by Cassandra Clare

Ok, ny inrikting här

Nu har livet äntligen börjat att vända. Från att ha varit nere i depression, ångest och feldiagnos så har jag lyckats ta mig upp hitta rätt människor och fått rätt diagnos. På grund av allt som hänt så har mitt fotointresse trappats ner och jag finner det inte like kul som jag en gång gjorde. Böcker däremot…. Böcker har alltid varit nära hjärtat och redan innan jag kunde läsa själv så ville jag höra historier.
Så kommer att testa med en liten bokblogg. Vi får se hur det går helt enkelt.

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