Fever series

Lets just put it out there. Everybody have something they dont really want to admit they like. I know this series have its faults but damn I just cant stop reading. To justify it though, if you have an open mind the character growth of Mac and Dani (others too) is really good. The latest installment is Feversong. Number 9 in the fever series.

For the record, I have no problem with the Danifocused books. I like her. There. Ive said it. Anyhow, I hear the next few books will have more of a Dani/Ryodan focus instead of Mac/Barrons. Im so ok with that. Ryodan is probably one of my favorite characters of all time. I dont even need to read his train of thought I get him.

In the first books I wanted to strangle Mac. Naive little barbiedoll. But by the last book she have dealt with death, evil, passion, rape and true power. Her perspective on life and love have shifted and she is someone I like. Still it have its thropes and problems yes I admit it but hey, lets focus about some positives here ok? What I like looking back is the fact that Mac is not this superhero that just excels at everything (hello Vin from Mistborn among MANY others). She screwes up and more importantly want to deal with it.

This series is sexy, funny, lorefilled, interesting and most of all entertaining. And my guilty pleasure no 1.

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