Neuromancer – update

I want to start by saying I totally get why so many loves this book. Just to imagine reading this one when it was first published in the early 80´s must have been pretty cool. To read this today feels a mit more meh than what it would have been back then. Also, as I dont usually read scifi this might have been a bit too much to start with. I liked the story and the overall feel of the book, but to be expectec to get it all right from the getgo was a bit too much. Maybe I would appreciate it more if Ive read more similar books. Also some stuff felt a bit… repetative. Im not sure on continue on with the series. Dont get me wrong here, it was not in my opinion bad, more good than bad for sure. Overall it lands smack in the middle.
I am happy to have read it since William Gibson was a pioneer about cyberspace and other things we can find in this book.

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