The Remnant Chronicles

So. The trilogy have ended and even though it was good I dont have a bookhangover from it. You know that feeling of I-cant-start-another-book-cause-I-still-live-in-the-old. It is nice to not have it but tht made me think, that the series it not as good as well many many others. Dont get me wrong here, I still liked it quite a lot.

Kiss of deception – 3 stars

The heart of betrayal – 4 stars

The beauty of darkness – 4 stars.

But the 4 stars are weak. Still good though.


The character growth Lia goes through is great but expected. Im not liking Rafe but understand his duty to his country. Kaden is great, but dont like him with Pauline. The side characters are fun and the story is good. I wish we saw more of the Komizar in the last book.

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