Final thoughts on Call of Cthulhu

Its finished and yes, the start was slow but it picked up and what followed was great.

At some points I wished you had more to do or investigate but overall Im happy about it. The main thing I dislike is the length vs the price. It took me 10 hours to complete and even though Im a fan of Lovecrafts work and mythos I cant justify it being that short.

Gameplay is fine, but very linear you always en up in the same place and the objective never change. In other gameplays of it I have seen different ways to go about to slove it but its still very linear.

The atmosphear and music is very nice but as I said above, I wish there was more.

There are a few differente endings, I chose to preform the ritual and things went as expected so Im happy about that specific ending but thats all in individual prefreance.


Got 2 new games on the steamsale.

The premise seems cool I remember being intruiged by this one some time ago. Basicly you die and need to solve your own murder. Ive played a little now and like it so far.

Investigation, action and exploration. Sounds like something Im gonna like!

I want to get Monster Hunter World to but the price is a bit steep…… Plus I am not sure I would enjoy the upgrade system. Im not very into crafting and upgrading gear.

Guild Wars 2 Festival

The Festival of the Four Winds AND Crown Pavilion are back as a permanent summer festival! This have been a long time comming for sure. Even though Ive been in a disagreement with Anet for a while and not playing as much, this brought me back. It feels like this is the largest festival they have done with both the Bazaar map, multiple races and the combat arena.

Im happy too see that the combat arena with the bosses is not nerfed to the ground as it stands now. I really hope this might be a turning point for me to get back in to the game!

Do you play Guild Wars 2? What do you think of the festival? Let me know!