Queen of air and darkness

Alright got trough the 900 pages if the final book in the Dark Artifices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. Some spoilers ahead.


  • Getting to know the faeries and the courts more.
  • Diana and Gwyn. (I also liked Mark/Christina/Kieran)
  • Ty’s development, he is so focused on getting Livvy back its so sad.
  • Diversity
  • The parabataicurse. “let us burn


  • A bit predictable.
  • The book is named after Annabell but she is barely in the book! I wanted an epic villian redemption arc!
  • Obvious Ash/Dru thing for the next installment. Also obvious Ty/Kit thing.
  • The whole other world plot seems unnecessary.
  • Too. Many. Couples.
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